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  • 1070,en,/amlid/data/ins/document/law_15_of_2002_concerning_the_crime_of_money_laundering_as_amended_by_law_25_of_2003.html
  • Indonesia
  • Law 15 of 2002 Concerning the Crime of Money Laundering as amended by Law 25 of 2003.
  • Indonesia _Law 25-2003-AML.pdf
  • 1070,en,/amlid/data/ins/document/law_1_of_1979_on_extradition.html
  • Indonesia
  • Law 1 of 1979 on Extradition.
  • Indonesia _Law on Extradition.pdf
  • 1070,en,/amlid/data/ins/document/law_23_of_1999_concerning_bank_indonesia.html
  • Indonesia
  • Law 23 of 1999 concerning Bank Indonesia.
  • Indonesia _Banking Law.pdf
  • 1070,en,/amlid/data/ins/document/bank_indonesia_regulations_no._310pbi2001_concerning_the_implementation_of_know_your_customer_principles_as_amended_by_bank_indonesia_regulation_no._323pbi2001_and_bank_indonesia_regulation_no._521pbi2003.html
  • Indonesia
  • Bank Indonesia Regulations No. 3/10/PBI/2001 concerning the Implementation of Know your Customer Principles as amended by Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 3/23/PBI/2001 and Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 5/21/PBI/2003.
  • Indonesia _Bank Indonesia Regulations concerning Application of Know Your Customer Principles.pdf
    Indonesia _Bank Indonesia Regulations concering Amendment of Regulations concerning Application of Know Your Customer.pdf
    Indonesia _Bank Indonesia Regulations concering Second Amendment of Regulations concerning Appiclation of Know Your Customer.pdf
  • 1070,en,/amlid/data/ins/document/guideline_ii_of_the_indonesian_financial_transaction_reports_and_analysis_center__ppatk__on_the_identification_of_suspicious_financial_transactions_for_financial_dealers.html
  • Indonesia
  • Guideline II of the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) on the Identification of Suspicious Financial Transactions for Financial Dealers.
  • Indonesia _Guidelines2 _STR _FSP.pdf