GPML's Capacity Building in the Caribbean Resulted in Cash Seizure: 

    In the framework of the project "Combating Cash Smuggling in the Caribbean and Central America by Strengthening Operational Capability and Assisting Effective Implementation of FATF Recommendation 32 on Cash Couriers", UNODC conducted a workshop in San Salvador, El Salvador in March, 2017.

    The workshop funded by the government of Canada, aimed at increasing the operational capacity of target countries to identify, seize and confiscate currency and bearer negotiable instruments being smuggled into and through their jurisdictions.

    As a direct result of this workshop, the Customs Office in El Salvador informed UNODC that they have recently seized $35,000 USD seized at San Salvador airport. An inbound traveller was carrying hidden undeclared cash in his bag. The officers were able to detect and seize the $35,000 USD.

    UNODC hopes to see more seizers in El Salvador and other countries in that region. The Central America region has not escaped the negative effects of this global problem as cash is often smuggled through its borders to finance drug cartels and terrorism. Thus, this initiative is important as it aims to limit the movement of illicit funds and remove the proceeds of crime to effectively reduce the incidence of transnational organized crime and increase cooperation and knowledge and intelligence sharing amongst institutions. In 2018, GPML intends to implement more capacity training in the region.