Inter-regional Workshop on Prevention and Disruption of Financing of Violent Extremism

    From 16 th to 18 th May 2017, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, GPML was holding an Inter-regional Workshop on Prevention and Disruption of Financing of Violent Extremism (VE). Acknowledging the importance of the topic, high level officials from Tanzania and the region, namely Mr. Jose VILA DEL CASTILLO, UNODC Regional Representative in the Eastern Africa, Mr. Onesmo H. MAKOMBE, Commissioner and CEO, FIU Tanzania, Mr. Mirirai CHIREMBA, the Chairman of the ESAAMLG, and Dr. Eliawony J. KISANGA, Executive Secretary, ESAAMLG Secretariat. joined to officially open the workshop.

    The workshop in Dar Es Salaam was the second in a series of two. Indeed, it built upon the ideas and knowledge gained during the first CVE workshop held for the same participants in Dakar, Senegal, in February 2017. The beneficiaries were delegates from FIUs, law enforcement and intelligence agencies from Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Somalia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

    The discussion of the CVE workshop in Dar Es Salaam went into deeper details of VE financing - sources, drivers, inhibitors, methods, channels, trends, etc. identified at the workshop in Dakar as the most relevant issues that need to be addressed in the Sahel, Central Africa countries, and countries of Greater Horn of Africa.  


    Seeking for a balanced whole-the-nation approach to VE and radicalism (R), representatives of civil society (leading NGOs) from the concerned countries were also invited to share their views on the most significant issues voiced by law enforcement (LE) participants at the workshop in Dakar. "Through an open and unbiased dialog, my understanding and my view on the role and the value of public-private partnerships for the purposes of VE/R prevention and counteraction has fundamentally changed for better" - one of the LE attendees said.


    Having discussed the VE financing specifics, as well as having achieved a good understanding of how a civil society can support LE responses to VE/R challenges, the second half of the workshop was dedicated to practical exercise. Participants, with the support of the invited experts, worked in mix-profile groups on mastering in financial disruption technics, promoted by UNODC in application to the serious organized crime, money laundering and terrorism financing.

    Expressing her appreciation to UNODC for the organisation of this workshop, in particular for the invitation extended to CSO to share CVE experiences with law enforcement, a CSO representative stated: "It is the first time I have been giving the opportunity to attend a workshop focusing on the disruption of funding of CVE. From the knowledge acquired, I will integrate this dimension in my projects and activities as well as make advocacy within the parliamentarians".