goAML - UNODC's Software for Financial Intelligence Units

goAML is UNODC's unique fully integrated software designed specifically for Financial Intelligence Units.

The goAML application is one of UNODC's strategic responses to financial crime including money laundering and terrorist financing. It is designed specifically for use by Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) and is the only "off the shelf" IT application of its kind. The primary objective of UNODC in developing goAML is to enhance the capacity

of countries to detect crime, especially money laundering and terrorist financing, and to meet international standards on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. A major motivation for developing goAML is that many countries, particularly those in the developing world, are required by various international instruments to establish FIUs. Yet they simply do not have the financial capacity or IT expertise to develop the type of IT capacity they themselves need. FIU operations are necessarily IT intensive and without significant IT capacity an FIU is simply unable to effectively carry out its mandated tasks. Consequently many FIUs exist in name only. The majority of FIUs in the world simply cannot afford to develop IT capacity that caters for all their data collection, analytical, reporting and management functions. goAML has been developed as a "one stop", fully integrated software application that meets the IT needs of any FIU, irrespective of its size or the volume of data it handles. goAML has been successfully deployed in a number of FIUs worldwide and interest in goAML is increasing.

The data collection component provides secure electronic delivery of reports (UTRs, (Unusual Transaction Reports) STRs, (Suspicious Transaction Reports) CTRs (Cash transaction reports)/ and, EFTRs (Electronic Funds Transfer Reports) from reporting entities using (SSL 512 bit encryption). Reports are either submitted offline (through XML data exchange such as e-mail attachment, CD, external hard drive etc.), online (through direct upload of XML data messages) or through filling in and submitting online forms on the FIU's secure website. If reports are submitted to the FIU on paper these can be manually entered by the FIU.

Key Features:

The goAML solution is executed in three steps: data collection, analysis (rule-based analysis, risk-score and profiling) and dissemination (escalate to law enforcement and seek feedback). It integrates 14 different components which, when used together fulfil all the IT requirements of an FIU including:

  • data collection;
  • data evaluation and clean-up;
  • ad-hoc queries and matching;
  • statistical reporting on information/reports received and processed;
  • structured analysis at both tactical and strategic levels;
  • profiling tool; rule based analysis;
  • workflow management system;
  • task assignment and tracking;
  • document management with full text search capability;
  • intelligence file development and management system;
  • data acquisition/integration from external sources;
  • integrated charting and diagramming;
  • intelligence report writer tool.

Key Benefits:

  • designed as a modular system that fits the need of any FIU irrespective of size and is well suited to both low and high volume environments;
  • an integrated system that can replace several disparate solutions;
  • as a standardized product, it provides a comprehensive IT solution ata fraction of the cost of developing a one-off site-based solution;
  • provides a standard and uniform Anti-Money Laundering platform to fight money laundering and terrorist financing;
    helps reduce the learning curve of new users with its standard graphical user interface

For more information about goAML, please go to http://goaml.unodc.org/


goCASE - UNODC's Case Management System

The goCASE application is UNODC's Case Management System for Member States' Law Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies & Criminal Intelligence and Prosecutorial Services.

The goCASE solution facilitates the collection and development of intelligence investigation and prosecution processes that constitute the front-end of most criminal justice or regulatory systems. It is the single solution that addresses all requirements needed by authorities in the intelligence and criminal justice arenas, whether to support analysts in developing inferences and hypotheses and producing strategic or tactical outputs, or to support front-line officers and investigators in identifying and reacting to investigative leads, or to support prosecutors in handling court cases. goCASE can seamlessly interface with other data management systems employed in the Criminal Justice System process, including court administration and correction systems. As with other UNODC IT solutions, goCASE can be provided to Member States either as a "stand-alone" solution or can be integrated with others to form one global solution at substantially less cost to Member States than commercial software solutions. Unlike many other products, goCASE is an "integrated" system that combines all necessary functions into one IT product. It is one solution that can often replace many systems.

Key Features:

  • goCASE's competitive feature is the Integrated Workflow Engine, which drives the case life cycle according to established standard operating procedures within an agency;
  • provision for automatic alerts for action taken and reminders for
  • follow-up activity;
  • a built-in Investigator Actions Checklist to support decision-making and adherence to guidelines;
  • robust and flexible reporting capabilities to find trends and patterns.
  • advanced security features such as multiple security layers, case level security and history logs.

Key Benefits:

  • goCASE's intuitive portal allows quick access to information and tools, which empowers case officers with swift and efficient case handling;
  • the user interface of goCASE and its reference tables have been designed to support various languages;
  • goCASE uses XML for data exchange;
  • a robust and flexible reporting module offers a rich list of reports grouped by operational requirements;
  • Lawsuit Management Module of goCASE connects the case file with the judicial process and allows storing of court proceedings and judgments.

For more information about goCASE, please go to http://gocase.unodc.org/